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Published on December 23, 2015
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Dear Family and Friends,

“What happened after the Tower of Babel?” “How are languages related?” “What about the language my parents are translating?” “Why do some people mix up the ‘r’ and ‘l’ sounds (flied lice)?” “How do you write the clicking sound in ‘The God’s Must Be Crazy’?”

At the opening group session MKs learned the answer to these questions and more! Auntie Joy taught them what it takes to learn a new language (Oku), while Mrs. Sarah taught them sign language. Communication is so important, especially with something as important as Jesus’ payment for our sin.


Stacey H. explains parts of the mouth



Auntie Joy explains how to greet a Fon (chief)


New basketball court being enjoyed by all!

Communication is also important in basketball, thoroughly enjoyed on the new court made possibly by the folks at Rockpoint, Calgary and Bennett Moody. And so the new school year has begun with new friends, new skills and new experiences. Please continue to pray for these precious little ambassadors for Jesus in villages all across Cameroon.


Kayden H. pleased with his fitness award


A communication snake







Elsiepic22It started out with a contest, offered by the Maggi company. Who’s is the best cook? My friend, “Mercy” called the president of her “women’s group”, an ecclectic group who shared “advice” and money. There would be prizes! The president decided she wanted to cook and let “Mercy” represent the group. Surprised “Mercy” accepted. A great day followed and although her group didn’t win, the audience and participants all received caps, aprons and bowls. Only the presidents of each group received the larger, more prestigious bowl. The real president was miffed and even refused the smaller bowl. “Mercy” knew that this lady was jealous.

That night the Lord spoke to her about humility and love. “Mercy” decided to give up her bowl, although she prized it highly. Against all her friends’ advice and with well-chosen words, “Mercy” honored the president with the privilege of sitting in her seat at the event and said that the bowl was rightly her’s. This small gesture spoke more about God’s love than all the words that “Mercy” had spoken to this group.

As I see “Mercy’s” life changing daily to become more like Jesus, I am reminded again that it is the little things we do that speak louder than our words. May we continue to honor God with our actions and words.

May this Christmas season remind you of the love shown by God by sending His Son and cause you to show your love to others in words and actions.

Because of Jesus, I am sending love your way,