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Seminary Updates!

Published on February 22, 2017

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Seminary News

CampbellWe had a great ending to our semester and the students received a wonderful gift. One of our professors/pastors accepted a new position in the USA and was planning to leave behind a large amount of books, so one of the members from his new church bought the books and donated them to our Seminary students! Here they are in the photo picking their books!

The Seminary has been on summer break since December 2016, so Paulo and I are currently in Canada visiting some of my supporting churches until the end of February. (Because of the changes on our mission field with all the other NAB missionaries leaving I’ve had to delay my home assignment until I could make arrangements to leave Brazil for more than a month.) It’s been a great time to reconnect and share about what’s been happening on the field. Unfortunately, we are not able to visit all of the churches this time around but we will do our best to be with those of you we didn’t get to see next time.

Back to Brazil

Campbell1We are headed back to Brazil on February 28, just in time for the start of the new semester. Paulo joined the mission, TeachBeyond, and is also an NAB partner missionary. He is working together with church planters in poor communities to bring them educational resources for the purpose of evangelism and improving the quality of life for children and adolescents. Also, Paulo will begin pastoring the Niteroi Baptist Church in March in a city just outside of our city. It’s a small congregation who can’t afford a full-time pastor but they are very supportive of his mission work and have a great facility, which they will allow him to use as part of his mission work to poor communities.