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Saving Lives in the Midst of Unrest

Published on November 14, 2018

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Dear Family and Friends,

The unrest and instability around the hospital continues to be a major issue. We believe the hospital is safe and do not feel any serious threat to our security; however, the surrounding areas are more unstable. Patients have difficulty coming to the hospital because travel is not allowed or the roads are blocked. Because of this we are receiving fewer patients and they are coming later than we would like. Mbingo is now the only hospital in the Bamenda area functioning at a high level.

The unrest in the Northwest and Southwest regions has become generalized with a great deal of destruction. Many people are displaced from their homes and are not able to carry out their normal work or business. This has caused additional financial difficulty for our patients. Many of them are unable to pay for their hospital care and are in need of financial assistance.

We are committed to keeping Mbingo functioning at as high a level as possible during this time of crisis. Because the hospital is there, many lives are being saved.

NAB has established a special Crisis Relief Fund to provide support for some of the very many who are suffering in this conflict. We encourage our churches to support this effort. It will be a major help and witness to the people of Cameroon in their time of trouble. (https://nabconference.org/give/cameroon-crisis-relief/)

Thank you for your partnership with us in the ministry here.

Dennis and Nancy

Almost every family at the hospital has opened their homes to displaced people. We have a family living in our guest room whose house was burned in July.