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Who in Their Right Mind?

Published on May 05, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

“Who in their right mind…?” was a phrase God used when he first challenged me to go out of my comfort zone.  Each time God proved to be faithful and now He continues to challenge me.  For example, who in their right mind would…

  • attempt to do a craft with two hundred children seated in a dark school “cafeteria”? Margie Marks, a volunteer from Michigan, and I did.  The “thumb” pictures were a sensation using just paper, stamp pads and the message, “You are unique and loved by God”.
  • attempt reading picture book stories to 30 – 60 students crowded in dark classrooms? Helga Kahler, a volunteer from Winnipeg, and I did.  Explaining “iguana”, “echo”, “houseboat”, “paddling” and “dugout” to these landlocked kids whose country borders the ocean was a surprising challenge.  Students didn’t always follow the plot but they loved the pictures.
  • attempt a birthday party for ten kids (one who is deaf) and playing “upset the fruit basket” using hand motions? I did (on what I thought might be a boring Saturday). The delight on the faces of the kids was worth it all. Praying for the birthday child was simply “the best”.

Sometimes I wonder where the day goes, but then there’s another knock on the door, sent by God with another challenge.

Cool by Design

“Skull, spine, scapula…” pointing at each bone in the song, even the kindergarteners enjoyed the special unit taught by Dr. Uncle Steve and Aunt Suzanne Sparks, especially when they were able to dissect a cow’s heart.   It was fun to be the assistant in many classes instead of being in charge.  My replacement, Geri Bass, did a great job of organizing, coordinating and teaching writing (at the same time!) in our group sessions.  It is a true blessing to work with such gifted moms and dads who help make our school unique.