When discussions began in 2015 around the dream of linking arms across North American Baptist Conference partnering agencies for one significant project to raise funds for the work we all do together, God’s hand of blessing seemed clear. As in the partnering work between churches and leaders in the book of Acts, “it seemed right to them and the Holy Spirit.” The REACH campaign was born, and its tagline—“NAB on mission together”—summarized well the heart behind the plans.

We had no idea what the response would be, but the goals were lofty. The list of projects quickly grew to include not only cornerstones like the hydroelectric dam at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon and Camp Falcon Rock in Romania but also efforts to plant churches, train pastors, and make significant steps of partnership between our two seminaries.

As REACH ends at the close of 2019, we are pleased to report that $1,544,544 has been charitably given. The generosity of businesses, churches, and individuals has been humbling and inspiring. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your specific contribution. These funds have gone a long way in resourcing the efforts we discern God has called the NAB to fully engage with. While we have come a long way, there is much more to do:

  • Additional cabins are needed at Camp Falcon Rock to increase camp capacity, reaching more kids for Christ.
  • We have more churches to plant, knowing the Gospel is potent and powerful in new churches.
  • Lay leaders and pastors alike are benefiting greatly from Blue Ocean and Bonfire in refocusing their ministry efforts around a missional and formational theology.

These projects, and the many others that REACH targeted, would greatly benefit from a closing gift. Your gift of $100, $200, or more will greatly push forward all of these ongoing projects in the REACH campaign. Additionally, you can continue to give to any specific REACH projects through December 31, 2019.

Unless we have been otherwise notified before the end of the year, any recurring gifts that have been set up will be redirected to the Ministry Resource Fund. Alternatively, due to your interest in REACH, there are a few other ways you can redirect your giving:

As you consider your Special Project giving in 2020, you can also check out the Special Projects page on our website (nabconference.org/give/special-projects) to see a complete list. Please take a moment to review some of these exciting opportunities as you plan your 2020 giving.


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