Reach: NAB on Mission Together

For nearly 150 years, the North American Baptist Conference of churches has actively participated in local and international missions. We have called and sent men and women into missionary service, financially supported missionaries and international ministries through local churches, and partnered with indigenous church leaders for the growth of the church and Kingdom of God around the world. We have also birthed churches and trained men and women to be deeper disciples of Jesus Christ and greater servants of others in North America.

At times, special needs arise in North America and internationally that will intensify the scope and breadth of ministry opportunities. If met, exponential growth will occur—more converts, more disciples, and more churches. After seeking God’s leading in prayer and consulting with missionaries, missionary partners, and North American ministry leaders, the leadership of the NAB is convinced that these projects are important as we seek a new era of international missions activities and partnerships, new visions of theological education, and renewal of the church in North America.



REACH: NAB on Mission Together benefits:

Church Planting, Canada and the United States
Mbingo Baptist Hospital Hydroelectric Dam, Cameroon
Theological Education
Camp Falcon Rock, Romania
Bicol Center for Christian Leadership, Philippines
Banso Baptist Hospital Training School Expansion, Cameroon
Pastoral Formation, Canada and the United States
Missional Initiatives, Canada and the United States
Preserving the History and Heritage of the NAB


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