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Praise G*d Together with Joyous Fellowship Moments

Published on August 10, 2022

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Dear family and friends,

Greetings in the beautiful and sunshine summer!

We are thankful to complete the quarantine in Edmonton after returning to Canada. At the time of writing, we are on a deputation trip across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. We are very excited and grateful to meet many new and old friends and visit churches in person during our home assignment. Listening to their joys, sadness, struggles, challenges, and victories by His might, we encourage each other and give glory to the Lord together. In addition, we treasure every moment to see some family members as we were away from them for several years.

Meanwhile, we enjoy praising God together for sharing His wonderful works in all circumstances, which are His answer to YOUR prayers. And we would like to share some of the precious moments with all of you through photos.

We plan to return to the field in the fall season. While the country of service is still maintaining zero-Covid strategy, please join us in prayers that our flights and border entry will go smoothly with minimal quarantine and monitoring procedures.

With love and appreciation,

Nick & Iris