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News from Brazil

Published on October 04, 2016
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campbell1In June, we finished our first semester for this academic year and hosted a visiting professor from the USA: Dr. Brandon Jones from South Dakota who taught Old Testament Theology. His wife, Marci, was also able to come with him (they are to our right in the photo). When he wasn’t teaching, Paulo and I had the opportunity to take them around to meet various church planters who are serving in our state. One is Gloria (in the pink shirt on the right), a former Seminary student who is starting her third church plant in a city just outside of Porto Alegre. This new church has been open for just a few months and we were privileged to join this new congregation for their prayer meeting. Gloria shared that the week we were there they were starting a children’s club for girls ages 9-12 and had a group of 6. It’s always exciting to witness the birth of a new church! I want to thank Brandon and Marci for their willingness to come and serve!

campbell2This last semester I took some time out of my normal schedule to take a photography course. It was great being in learning-mode again and even though my original motive was to learn how to take better photos to send back to you, I learned to really appreciate this art form! Here’s a sample photo!


campbell3Perhaps the most exciting news to share is the fact that Paulo was ordained on the last Sunday in June! In May, Paulo joined the mission called TeachBeyond (formerly known as Janz Team). He has also been accepted as a partner missionary with NAB! His ministry is working with children and adolescents in slum areas using transformational education to share the Gospel and help improve their quality of life. He is currently raising prayer and financial support as he works as a volunteer in a poor community in São Leopoldo, about 40 minutes from where we live.