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News from Brazil

Published on May 14, 2019

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Dear Family and Friends,


Once again, we are in a season of change and while you, our partners, look forward to warmer temperatures, we are looking forward to cooler ones! The new school year has started at the Seminary and we are in the middle of the second semester. We started off with a 2-week intensive class on Pastoral Ministry, which meant a visit from Dana and Monica Goodnough, very special friends we’ve made through their many trips to Brazil to serve at our Seminary. Dana, Brandon Jones, and myself made a trip out to Uruguaiana (a city on the border with Argentina) to visit the sister church for the church Pastor Dana serves in Pittsford, NY. We had a great weekend as both Dana and Brandon preached twice and Dana did some training on prayer.


March was a full month as I had the opportunity to do two weekend training events. One was held at the First Baptist Church in the city of Sapucaia do Sul, just 40 minutes from our city on the topic of Strategic Planning. This is a new area for the pastors in our state and it is exciting to see them begin to plan for the future. This church recently completed a building project after their sanctuary was no longer usable and are now looking towards their future work in the Kingdom! I also spent a weekend at one of the church plants here about to become an official church in the city where Paulo is pastor, Canoas. We spent time talking about Sister Church partnerships. It was great to see how God is leading them to think beyond themselves and not to settle now that they have what they need to be auto-sufficient.

Paulo and I are so grateful for those of you who participated in the Summer Bible Camps project through your prayers and giving! Seventeen children and adolescents from very poor neighborhoods were able to experience camp. In the picture you see Iago, one of the ones who went to camp, his mom and younger siblings in front of their house. Paulo and his pastor were recently able to get a full scholarship for him to study to become a mechanic!


  • Summer Camp Season!
  • Opportunities to serve the local church.
  • The Joneses’ appointment with Brazilian immigration officials went well! They all now have temporary Brazilian identification and are awaiting their ID cards.
  • Protection and safety.