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News About Craig and Maureen Moody

Published on July 11, 2018

Change can be a hard thing, and it is often unexpected. As a friend and supporter of the ministry of Craig and Maureen Moody in Cameroon, it is with a mixture of sadness and anticipation that we inform you that their full-time ministry in Cameroon has now come to an end.

When Craig and Maureen began their most recent term on the Cameroon mission field back in 2015, their intent was always to serve long term. In the midst of acting as house parents for missionary children attending Rain Forest International School, serving as the interim field director, working alongside hospital staff to update training materials for village health workers, or any of the other dozens of roles they filled during their years in Cameroon, they have followed God’s leading and acted out of a heart for Him and a heart for the nation of Cameroon and its people. The time has now come for them to follow God elsewhere.

What began as a visit to Maureen’s family during Christmas turned into an extended trip due to her dad’s illness. He passed away the day after they arrived back in Cameroon, and the Moodys once again left for Canada to attend the memorial service and support Maureen’s mom. This second trip, three months before they were anticipating leaving Cameroon on home assignment, led them to seek God’s direction for their future. Through prayer, tears, and discussion with trusted members of God’s family, God made it clear to them that a chapter of their lives was coming to a close.

Whether you are among those who have continued to support the Moodys on an ongoing basis or have only given them a one-time gift, thank you for your partnership. Your gifts have been crucial to their ministry.

If you have been part of their ongoing support, would you consider standing alongside another NAB missionary in need? Brandon and Marci Jones are currently raising funds to take their family to Brazil to join Lyndell Campbell-Réquia at the Baptist seminary in Porto Alegre to help provide biblical training and instruction for pastors. If God has placed a burden on your heart for the nation of Cameroon, consider Calvin and Susanne Hohn, serving as the field director coordinating the NAB missionaries who work alongside the Cameroon Baptist Convention. Both of these families are in need of financial support. Please consider and pray about transitioning your current support toward one, or both, of these families in need. If you are giving a recurring gift and do not respond by July 31, 2018, we will transfer your gifts to the missionaries in greatest need.

If you have not given on an ongoing basis, we invite you to consider joining the team of supporters for the Joneses or the Hohns. Above all, please keep praying for Craig and Maureen as they continue to transition away from long-term ministry in Cameroon and back to life in North America. There are still a few loose ends in Cameroon they hope to tie up later this year.

In their own words, Craig and Maureen had this to say: “We want to express our appreciation to all of you, our family, friends, and supporters, for making our ministry in Cameroon possible. We’ve been blessed and encouraged by your notes, emails, words, gifts, financial support, and of course, your prayers.”


Kerry Bender

Interim Vice President of International Missions