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Missions Conference in Uruguaiana

Published on June 07, 2016
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Campbell 1This past February, Paulo and I had the privilege of participating in our first Missions Conference in Brazil in the city of Uruguaiana on the western border of our state. A team from Rochester, NY, and two pastors from Bolivia were also participants. The theme of the conference was: Encounter of Nations: Let Your Kingdom Come. I shared about how sacrifice is necessary for God’s Kingdom to come: God brought His Kingdom to us through the sacrifice of His own Son. We also remembered the five missionaries who gave their lives 60 years ago so the Gospel could reach the Auca tribe in Equador. In a few months I will watch one of the young women I’ve mentored for many years leave to become a missionary in a closed country in Asia. I’ve walked with her and prayed for her during her preparation, but I have to admit, in the last couple of months I’ve wanted to say to her, “Don’t go!” I’m afraid for her safety, so this theme of sacrifice was a good reminder to me that while fear is part of the process, it can’t stand in the way of her calling from the Lord.

Campbell 2In February I also said goodbye to another young woman I’ve mentored for many years, Thafni and her husband Lucas. They have moved to northern Brazil to participate in a ministry training program, but their plans are to eventually come back to our state and serve here since it’s the least-reached state in the country.

Our first semester at the Seminary has started off well. However, one of our students had to return home due to an illness. He’s from the state of Rio de Janeiro and his name is Nathan. We are still hopeful he will be able to come back but for now he will remain in Rio to receive treatment.

On a personal note, I continue to receive treatment for my chronic back pain. Those who are treating me think that the origin of the pain could be my digestive system. I was tested for food allergies with some surprising results and just this week I’ve started a new special diet set up by a nutritionist to see if that will make a difference.