Jim & Lisa Black

Partner Missionaries Church Planting, Nigeria

News from Chain of Love Homes

Published on July 12, 2019

It’s with joy and trust that we are sending out our second newsletter of the year. We would like to share with you some of our challenges and blessings.

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The NAB at Urbana

Published on January 09, 2019

After more than a decade the North American Baptist International Missions team returned to Urbana, InterVarsity’s triennial gathering for missions.

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Get to know Jim & Lisa Black

Jim and Lisa will be non-residential missionaries to the Fulbe, travelling to Nigeria three to four times a year to develop leaders amongst Muslim Background Believers who will whare the message of Jesus the Messiah with Fulbe people. Since 1999 Jim and Lisa have built relationships with many Fulbe people and have already identified a dozen Muslim Background Believers who are willing to take the good news of Jesus to their own people. These radical Jesus followers know what it is to suffer for the sake of the Gospel. Many of them have been jailed for preaching the Gospel while others have lost all their belongings because of their commitment to Christ. Some of these men have been threatened with death from their own family members but they would rather die than keep quiet. Jim and Lisa are ready to leverage the credibility they have built with these leaders to help them develop as Christ-centered missionaries to their own people.