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Miracle Visas

Published on June 06, 2017

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God has performed a miracle! We received our FIVE-year visas. We have been told this never happens as it is customary you get a one-year visa and then may apply for a five-year visa once your first one expires. We truly serve a great GOD! Thank you for your prayers.


Vern & Tamas have been busy at camp with finishing up the girls bathroom and the garage. We are waiting for permits to do a renovation on an old house that is on camp property. This house will serve as a space for staff and volunteers to stay or live on. It will be a great support to the construction taking place in the coming months and years.

Camp Falcon Rock is in the spring mode as the attention has now shifted to the outside—cleaning up last year’s hay crop, trimming branches, and burning wild rose bushes. To help out with most of the chores, the camp has purchased a 2007 JBC backhoe. Praise God!! It will be very useful in construction season.

It was great to have two pastors from Alberta here for one week, Terry Fossen (from the ABA) and Dave Spate (from Brentview Baptist). The churches in our area do evangelistic weeks with services each night. It’s an opportunity to invite people who don’t usually come to church and we were encouraged by how full the churches were during this week. One church, about 5 minutes from us, usually only has 6 members but during the evangelistic week over 40 people showed up each night to hear the Good News. We were truly blessed by Terry & Dave’s messages, the awesome worship music, the encouraging testimonies, and people asking for prayer. The families in the village love to serve meals to visitors so we enjoyed many delicious meals and visiting together during that time.

romania tripWe also had a visit from the NAB Executive Director Dan Hamil and Norm Poehlke who is the VP of Minstry Outreach in the NAB International Office in California. Norm has been here before, but it was the first time on this mission field for Dan. It was great to see them in the village and experience the culture as well as to see them both involved in our church preaching on the Sunday. It was also great to see their excitement for Camp Falcon Rock and how the team is working. It was an extremely encouraging time for us.

The Camp Falcon Rock team is busy getting ready for summer VBS programs and hosting teams from North America. Our first team arrived on April 27, eight people from Alberta who are interested in learning more about Camp Falcon Rock and hearing about the vision for the future. We enjoyed showing these folks the camp and village life.

We enjoy hearing from you folks via email and text messages. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. It is only by prayer and support that this will keep going.

In Him

Vern & Gloria