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Joy of Technology

Published on November 17, 2020

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We have 34 men and women pre-enrolled for the Kairos Project in Brazil!

Our seminary year is quickly coming to a close. November is shaping up to be a special month as five guest professors from North America and my colleague Brandon Jones teach two two-week intensive classes. One of the professors is even my NAB missionary colleague, Yuri Nakano! I am privileged to be the interpreter for everyone, so I benefit as much as the students! Initially, we were scheduled to receive just two North American pastors to teach these two classes in Brazil. However, because of COVID travel restrictions, we had to come up with a different solution. This diversity has so blessed us, and we thank the Lord that in the middle of a difficult time we can still offer our students these opportunities because of technology.

Last prayer letter I mentioned that we had six new students for our second semester this year. After I wrote that, the number changed to nine! One of our new students is from the state of Pernambuco in northern Brazil. He is a radio announcer. He found us online. Another joy of technology is reaching students beyond our physical location. One of our new students, Fábio, had COVID but is recovering well. Thank you for praying for Deise. She was able to take some time off and rest. God has continued to protect her from COVID. One of our local Baptist pastors, Reginaldo, is currently intubated in ICU with COVID.

Our church continues to meet online. At this point, we could start meeting in our building; however, we have been unable to install internet so that we can still broadcast our services online for those in higher-risk groups.


  • Please pray that Pastor Reginaldo would make a complete recovery.
  • Pray for continued protection from COVID for our seminary students and church members and us.
  • Please pray that our seminary students would finish their academic year well.
  • Please pray that we could find an internet provider that can install internet in our church.



  • Praise the Lord for nine new students.
  • Praise the Lord for technology that allows our seminary to reach other parts of the world.
  • Praise the Lord for his protection and for health.

Lyndell and Paulo Campbell-Réquia



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