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Reuniting with Friends on Home Assignment

Published on November 15, 2017

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Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the season of Thanksgiving!

A few weeks after we enjoyed a supper with Iris’ mother who visited us from Toronto, and the family of Nick’s sister at Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, the occasional snow showers told us that winter was imminent. Having lived in a place that rarely snows in winter for several years, we are looking forward to a white Christmas in this year of home assignment. Meanwhile our hearts turned warm when we met many friends in North America during the past few months. We are thankful for every precious moment of laughs, friendship, love and encouragement in our Father’s family.

Since our home assignment started in May, we have been visiting our supporting chu*ches and friends from western to eastern Canada. Even though we sometimes could not recall every name of our old friends and the fellowship time was short in every visit, we treasure reunion and friendship very much. We are especially thankful to attend several events in October and November (Greater Calgary M*ssion Event, Central Alberta M*ssion Event, Greater Edmonton M*ssion Event, and Southern Alberta M*ssion Event). In addition, it was such a great joy for us to meet all our friends and share at the Jubileer’s service and Taylor Seminary’s chapel service as well. On the other hand, in the midst of packed schedule of deputation trips and meetings, please pr*y that we can find time to rest and refresh ourselves, as well as have moments of solitude to get close with our Father.

In a particular fellowship, our friends shared with us that their eldest son had served in East Asia for several years. In August, their second son has just gone there with his entire family to teach English. We were greatly encouraged by their love and committed service to the nation in East Asia. Our appreciation is beyond words. May our Lord bless them richly! We also pr*y that their second son and family adjust well in the new culture and environment.

In December, we are going to take a short visit to the field and make plans with national co-workers for the ongoing ministries there. We also look forward to reflecting our m*ssion journey and engaging with our Father at a miss*onary retreat in the States in January 2018.

Our Canadian mailing address has been updated:

2620 Taylor Green NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 3N9

May you and your family experience the wonders of Father’s grace and love in Christmas season! The real peace on earth is given through the birth of our Lord Jes*s, the Mess*ah.

With appreciation and love,

Nick and Iris