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God Is So Good

Published on February 20, 2019

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Dear Family and Friends,

The last words I wanted to hear was “Elsie, it’s time to relocate.” Leave my home? My work? My friends?

The last months had been going so well. I felt safe on my compound. The primary school in which I worked was only a few hundred meters away; the church even closer. Others were shopping for me. But the kidnappings have increased and the targets are those perceived as wealthy. So it’s no longer safe.

I was sorely disappointed. Twenty of the Class Six students could barely read. They didn’t have learning problems, they just had never been taught! (Three years of “no school” can do that!) With a phonics program, they were succeeding. I had even begun a similar class with 30 Class Five students. Now I was leaving. How frustrating!

But God was ready! He sent a capable Cameroonian teacher to replace me. I am confident that the program will continue and the kids will learn. God’s timing is best.

I am now in Yaoundé, staying with a family for a few weeks and later staying at Kristi TenClay’s place, so this furry boy named “Wejuk” will keep me from missing my own cat left in Bamenda.


I am also, once again, working for the Wycliffe Elementary MK school. Last fall, I helped with the new shipment of books that had arrived. This time I’m working on compiling curriculum information. That’s my assignment, but I have already helped a student finish an assignment, tutor a math student, and will substitute in Kindergarten for two weeks.

God is so good! Among the thorns of leaving, He is taking care of my personal things back in Bamenda, providing wonderful places to stay and worthwhile work to do. He even provides surprises, like kitty cats.

This MK school is doing a theme of “Around the World in 28 Days.” The photos are some Dutch games we learned. The first is “spill the bottle” and the second is (believe it or not!) “pooping nails.” No Dutch presentation would be complete without wooden shoes!

The situation in Cameroon is still declining. Youth Day (Feb 11) has come and gone. All roads were blocked and no one was leaving their house for ten days. And still people died. So many are displaced. Your gifts are really helping. nabconference.org/give/cameroon-crisis-relief/. Please continue to pray. We need a mediator and a resolution.

I could not be here without your prayers, your financial gifts, and your encouragement. Thank you for all the notes, e-mails, and messages. God is in charge and I trust Him.

May you also discover His love and faithfulness in these days.

In Him,