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God Is Our Refuge

Published on May 20, 2021

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The Kairos Project Brazil has been an enormous blessing! We are grateful for those who have been willing to mentor our students in their journey. Each student has two mentors besides my colleague and myself. In April, I taught the Foundations Seminar to the doctoral students. We also started our 2021 academic year with a significant enrollment in the Pastoral Formation program – twenty-six students. We continue to offer our live classes online, and there are so many students that they no longer all fit on the same Zoom screen.


As of the beginning of the year, our church was back to meeting entirely online because of new pandemic restrictions. We use Zoom and Facebook. It has been a blessing having people from North America stop by, leave a comment, and even participate in our services on Facebook! Besides that, we have people from different parts of Brazil watching, some every Sunday. Paulo continues to disciple a couple who came to Christ at the end of 2020: Gustavo and Karina. We also continue to provide food baskets for those in need in our community. We hope to return to having services in our building this month.


Most of you know that Paulo and I caught the Brazilian COVID variant P1 in March. Paulo’s experience was much worse than mine, but God preserved his life. We are so very grateful for all the prayers you prayed on our behalf during this time and for those who have offered to help pay for Paulo’s medical expenses. Thank you very much! During this time, we have mourned the loss of three dear Christian friends, including Pastor Elder, Paulo’s mentor. We are still dealing with a few minor complications but are almost 100 percent recovered.

Before Paulo and I got COVID, my dad, Curtis, had emergency surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, along with his gallbladder and 25 percent of his liver. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy to make sure they get all the cancer in his body. Once again, we are so grateful for your prayers for Dad and me. It has been challenging to be so far away from my parents at this time.

Thank you for praying for my literature review, which I submitted in April. My advisor has asked me to make a few revisions; however, I was expecting this and should be done with this chapter shortly.


Lyndell and Paulo Campbell-Réquia

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