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Goal Reached for Slide Scanner

Published on November 08, 2021

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We have been so encouraged in these last few months from all the answered prayer. You are a part of that, and you can rejoice with us! It is phenomenal to have non-stop electricity 24/7! We have had steady power for over a month now, and it is such a blessing. A BIG thanks to all of you that gave to and prayed for the Hydroelectric Project over the last several years. The NAB was the biggest donor, and we are so proud to be part of such a generous organization.

That steady power supply is why Rick was fundraising to purchase the slide scanner. It is so expensive and needs a reliable power source. Another BIG thanks to the ones who gave to the slide scanner fund and made it possible for this to soon be purchased.

Most of September and the first week in October we were in road lockdown. No travel between cities in the NW where we live. That affected patients being able to get here, people doing business between cities, taxi and bike drivers, our market getting food from Bamenda to sell here, hospital getting supplies, etc. We are so glad that is over and the last two weeks have been better, although some are still hesitant to come here. During the lockdown many patients braved it and trekked through the bush to get here for their care. Some I knew of walked for up to 3–4 hours. The ones who couldn’t make it we prayed God would sustain them until they could get care.

God continues to use our hospital as a light. We heard a testimony one Sunday in the chapel service we have for patients and their caregivers that showed that. She had a son who had been sick for some time and not getting well. She had tried many treatments and nothing was working. She kept having a dream and the person in the dream kept saying “Go to Mbingo.” She did not know where Mbingo was. We are really just a small village here. One day she heard from a friend about one of our CBC hospitals in Douala that some refer to as Mbingo Annex. She remembered the name “Mbingo” from her dream. She went there, and after reviewing the case the staff there sent the child to our Mbingo hospital. He was diagnosed with a malignancy, and chemo has been started via our Childhood Cancer Program.

In His Matchless Love, 

Rick and Debbie Bardin