Short-Term Mission

Short Term Mission

A Short-Term Mission Team is a group of Christ-followers sent by a church or organization to a mission project, church or other legitimate site. The purpose of a STM Team is to see ministry happen with the national leaders or missionaries, within the hearts of team members; and even back home in the sending church/organization. An STM Team also works as a catalyst for cross-cultural partnership, discipleship and leadership development.

Gateway seeks to equip churches and organizations to do STM well in the context of Best Practices and Excellent Missiology.

Goal of STM—Long Term Partnership

Short-Term Mission has been with us for at least 30 years with millions of go-ers involved each year, yet one of its biggest short-comings (pun intended) is contained in its name; Short-Term Mission. One of the main characteristics of a missional lifestyle is on the importance of relationships. At home, in your neighborhood or community, to live out a missional life is to live out a life of long-term, integral relationships.

Short-Term Mission, most often, is built around the idea of bringing a group of individuals to an international location with the hope of accomplishing a stated project in a relatively short amount of time and getting back home. By its very nature, Short-Term Mission actually works against the missional lifestyle principle of building long-term, integral relationships. These mission experiences are built around projects first and foremost, with relationships, particularly long-term relationships, coming in a distant second. At Gateway, we seek to address this disparity in 2 types of trainings that we offer:

Long Term Partnership Orientation

‘Best Practices’ Workshop for Short-Term Mission Leaders Training