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Faith Fall

Published on November 16, 2020

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On the way to speak at a southern Alberta conference at Temple Baptist in Medicine Hat, we were turning out of the road and just then, “Bang!” A taxi came in front of us, and a missing yield sign was incapable of preventing us from this unforeseen collision. Oh no! Really?! Why did this have to happen when our finances were already stretched and we were just ready to share about God’s call to Japan with the congregation in Medicine Hat? But God saw the bigger picture. As our van was taken away and written off, we began to see God unfold His own story of blessing. We were blessed to spend one more day with some wonderful brothers and sisters in Medicine Hat. We were provided with a rental vehicle to get back home to Creston, seven hours away. And two weeks later as we drove up to Edmonton for another missions conference, with many people praying for God’s provision for us to have a new vehicle, God used very divine connections with His kids to eventually fine a new (to us) SUV that will give us good mileage as we travel around British Columbia, Alberta, and possibly to Manitoba as well. What an honour to meet such faith-filled people who would stand in the gap for us. God’s power is truly perfected in our weakness.

Terry Fossen came to our home church in Creston the following weekend and spoke about God calling Abraham to GO! Oh my did that message resonate with us and encourage us that despite challenges (COVID restrictions, church budget cuts, our stove breaking, our car crashing, our vacuum cleaner dying . . .) He is faithful and will provide all that is needed to get to where He calls us.

At the Greater Edmonton Missions conference, we were warmly greeted by Carol Potratz and Yuri Nakano. It was a blessing to see these two sisters again and pray together and encourage each other. How precious to meet others like the Bergman family, Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin, and the church family in Central Baptist, as well as Zion Baptist, in whom God has placed a heart for the lost.

After working almost full time all summer, Sylvia decided to cut back on her hours to be able to be available to homeschool the kids more consistently. This meant that Raff needed to get a job. After prayer and looking around, God provided a job at the same company that Sylvia works for. He is working as a residential counsellor for special needs clients in group homes. Raff is a natural at this and has had a lot of experience in this field.

Our oldest daughter Allie and our grandson Jeremiah came to stay with us in September for just over a month. She and her husband, Clay, live in Sandpoint, Idaho, a one-hour drive from our house. Due to her visa status, she has to spend at least a month every few months in Canada. What a treat for us!! We had so much fun seeing Jeremiah learn to eat solids and snuggle and cuddle. Due to COVID, we have not been able to see their little family since they moved to the States, so this was such a blessing.

We see that through the trials and challenges of COVID restrictions that God is still on the move. He continues to confirm His call to preach the gospel in Japan. Though the conferences were scarcely attended, we know that God was present and had the people there that were meant to be there. Even though we have difficulty moving around and crossing borders, we know that God is unstoppable. We truly walk by faith and not by sight. Nothing in the natural says that we will make our goal of heading to Japan in August of 2021. But with God all things are possible!!


Raffaele & Sylvia Gaudio

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  • Protection as we walk out this journey of faith.
  • For fundraising in an unsettled time.
  • Balancing work, fundraising, homeschooling, ministry, and family.


  • God’s provision of a new (to us) and reliable vehicle.
  • New friends made along the way, as well as connection with team members.
  • God’s protection in the car crash.
  • God’s provision of a job for Raff.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen
is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

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