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Transition in the CBC Finance and Development Department

Published on August 15, 2017

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Dear Family and Friends,

2017 has been a year of significant transitions for Walter and the staff of the Cameroon Baptist Convention’s (CBC) Finance and Development Department. They are still adapting to their new accounting database software and are in the first year of implementing the OHADA accounting system, which is contextually appropriate for Cameroon. And all of this with the back drop of the socio-political crisis in English-speaking Cameroon with schools and courts hardly functioning.

Ntam Ephraim & Walter Grob

At the Convention’s June Board meetings, another significant transition was decided upon. The leadership decided that it is time for a Cameroonian to head the Finance and Development Department. Walter has been heading this accounting department for the last 23 years minus home assignment periods. The plan is for Mr. Ntam Ephraim (see photo) to be Director of Finance and Development effective December 31, 2017. Mr. Ntam, a chartered accountant, currently works with the Cameroon Baptist Convention’s Health Services Finance office. From September to December he is scheduled to have orientation with Walter. Please pray that this transition goes well. It is anticipated that Walter will continue working in the Finance and Development Department after the transition, continuing to handle the missionary finances and serve as a resource person for the new director. Our next home assignment period is scheduled for July 2018.

The English-speaking regions of Cameroon continue to have at least one day a week of general strikes (“ghost town days”) to protest marginalisation of the anglophone minority by the francophone dominated government. This has slowed the economy, and Florence’s dental practice is feeling the effect, like so many others. The Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic Church leaders, who are summoned in a civil court matter regarding the alleged frustrations of the normal functioning of mission schools as part of the current social-political impasse, have had 3 adjournments of their court case. A similar situation is taking place in the military court case of public opinion leaders arrested since January. Pray for God’s guiding and reconciling of this situation.

We continue to be thankful for God’s provision of faithful churches and individuals who through their support, both prayer and financial, give opportunity for us to minister and be a part of the development of God’s Church in Cameroon. Thank you!

In Christ,

Walter & Florence