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A Break from the Field of East Asia

Published on August 15, 2017

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Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the L*rd in the beautiful summer!

Home Assignment

We are thankful to have a smooth transition to North America for home assignment starting in May. Having served on the field in East Asia for over four years, we experienced a certain level of re-entry culture shock upon landing on our home country. On one hand, we enjoy so much the fresh air, sunshine, tranquility, healthy food, clean water supplies, freedom of speech and religions, and mutual respect among people in Canada. On the other hand, we are adjusting to the relatively slower pace of daily life, overstated human rights on some issues, and inaccuracy allowance…

This year we considered relocating our home base from the province of Ontario to Alberta and started to settle down in Alberta in May. At the same time, we prepared for our visit and ministry sharing at ch*rches. Nick sent out many emails and made many phone calls to connect with our supporting ch*rches across Canada and US. After visiting the International Office in May, we started to visit ch*rches and friends in several provinces (BC, AB, SK and MB) with thousands of miles of driving in this quarter. Sharing G*d’s amazing work in East Asia, praising our L*rd together with many congregations and seeing our dear friends again have brought us an inexpressible joy. While visiting ch*rches, we are also encouraged that some ch*rches have sent short term m*ss*on teams to Cuba, Romania, India, Taiwan and some other countries. In addition, G*d provided us a third-hand vehicle in June which we use for our deputation trips to cities and towns nearby. G*d is good and always good.

The field ministry is ongoing

Besides reporting our work in North America, we continue to monitor the mini*tries on the field as well. We praise the L*rd that the third worship service every Sunday has been started since July. G*d’s love draws more and more people to worship Him. Moreover, thirty-four brothers and sisters have already registered to participate in a Holy Land study tour in October.

With thanks and appreciation,

Nick and Iris