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Digging Up the Weeds

Published on May 21, 2021

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Have you ever noticed that when you don’t work the ground it begins to grow weeds? Very rarely has a volunteer vegetable or fruit grown up without some form of cultivation. But weeds, well they are very willing to grow where no one is working. As we have begun working in our garden this spring, we have come face to face with many a weed. Some are so stubborn and their roots so thick that they look almost impossible to remove permanently. Yet with perseverance and determination, they can be removed.

We have noticed that in our own lives weeds of doubt and fear grow rather quickly and the determination to not let them take root is required almost daily. Our Heavenly Gardner is willing to take the time and remove these pesky and destructive weeds from our hearts.

With very stringent government restrictions, and the church rarely connecting with each other, we have seen the weeds here in Canada grow quickly. Our congregation has not met since last September, and the fallout it has caused is not even measured yet.

We praise God that He has given us opportunity to meet with some couples to do marriage counselling and encourage them in their faith and in their love for each other. The pain of family separation and physical isolation is taking a heavy toll on relationships. But we pray that God will restore.

We had initially aimed to leave for Japan in August of this year and to attend a training school beforehand in June. That has been postponed as we are far behind in our fundraising. We are so thankful for the NAB missions leadership who have continued to encourage us and remind us of God’s faithfulness. As well, the times that we Zoom meet with Yuri and the Ewings and Shan are always encouraging and uplifting. There have also been a few individuals and churches that have come on board and become supporters. We are so grateful that God has moved in the hearts of these brothers and sisters in Christ. A highlight for us was a missions conference that we had the joy of being a part of via Zoom. It was held in Detroit, and we Zoomed into a couple of meetings. The emails and connections following were such a blessing to us as a family.

Lydia and Sylvia had the privilege of celebrating our first grandbaby’s first birthday down in the States. What a blessing to savor the few days together. It’s hard to believe that they are only one hour drive away, yet because of border closures it is rare that we can see them. Jeremiah is an energetic little toddler with so much personality, it’s so special getting to know him.

So as we go into the spring and then summer, we pray that God will give you and us perseverance and joy in this journey of faith and trust that He will complete the good work that He has begun. Many blessings to all of you who pray and support us.

Love in Christ,

Raffaele & Sylvia Gaudio

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