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Crossing Cultures

Published on November 05, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

What key factors need to be considered when choosing where to go or to send our m’s? There are three factors to consider for missions:

The first factor is a place where the vast majority of people have yet to hear the true Gospel. Secondly, where the ch*rch is in need of mentoring leaders. Thirdly, where there is a specific need to reach the sick, the orphaned, the abused or the foreigner.

Now imagine preparing yourself for cross-cultural ministry by living in a place that has far less chr*stians than the vast majority of fields, where the true ch*rch is in need of mature leadership, and where many have been manipulated by a false religion and over 6000 internationals attend two universities.

Yes, that’s where we live – Provo, Utah. It’s home to Brigham Young University, the LDS “M” Training Center, and 90% of the population are followers of that religion. Talk about a training ground full of challenges and at times feeling like you’re the only ones who know the truth, just like if you were on the m*ss*on field!   Why, that actually meets those key factors in being a m*ss*on field!

After 7½ great years serving as pastor of M*ss*ons and Outreach at Central Baptist in Edmonton, AB, now even more, I have to practice what I’ve preached!

How our situation changed: Our youngest son Joe turns 18 in November and complications arose with his visa status as an adult American in Canada. We chose to move to Utah this past August where two of our sons, Nate and Jon, and their families live. They both serve as pastors in the same Evangelical Free ch*rch in a neighboring city to Provo. Many tears were shed in leaving our son Jesse and his family back in Edmonton.

This past spring, the L*rd began to move upon our hearts that our days of full-time service in His kingdom are coming to a close. And our desire to finish our years of mi*st*y internationally was the desire the He placed upon our hearts.

With Bud’s background in education and Lois’ gifts of mentoring women, we sense the L*rd leading us to be educators in Asia. We are partnering with NAB to create a team to impact a generation that is open and seeking the truth, and a ch*rch that is in need of encouragement and mentoring. L*rd willing, our goal is to relocate to Asia sometime in late 2015 or the start of 2016. Of course this is dependent on the factors that we have those who join us to be faithful pr*y-ers and a generous financial support team.

If the L*rd should lead you to join our pr*yer/support team, or even move to the m*ss*on field of Utah, we would love it!  G*d bless you!

Bud & Lois