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Counting Every Blessing

Published on November 14, 2018

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Dear Family and Friends,

Warm greetings in the season of Thanksgiving! Counting every blessing from our Father, we are grateful for your continuing pr*yers and partnership with us in the m*ssi*n journey. Your fervent pr*yers make our services possible in Asia.

Our Father directed us to serve in many ways during the past few months. In particular, we are thankful for some highlights below:

September 7th-9th: The worship team of our serving ch*rch held praise and evang*lical events in a small town of another province. That province is especially poor in economy as well as in spirit. By law, relig*ous activities are highly restricted across provinces, even among registered chu*ches. Praise the Lord who made these events happen.

September 22nd & 27th: Retreat for Youth fellowship group leaders; two training sessions of leading B*ble studies were held.

September – November: More teachers of seekers’ class and bapt*smal class were trained. Iris presented several workshops at Ladies Fellowship. The lives of participants of Single Adult Fellowship are being built up according to B*blical principles.October 1st-3rd: More than 70 brothers and sisters from our serving ch*rch held evang*lical events in another city about 6 hours’ drive from our city.

October 12th-14th: Celebration of ch*rch’s 5th anniversary with spiritual revival events.

November 1st-6th: We are very delighted and are encouraged by Paul Ew*ng and Randy Schm*r’s visit. We were eager to seek G*d’s direction together and explore opportunities for ministry partnership on our field.

November – February next year: The course of “Experiencing G*d” will be held again to build up fellowship leaders. Please pray for participants’ thirst to the Lord.

Lord willing, we are going to lead a short-term m*ssion team to share the Good News to Asian diaspora in a Latin American country in January 2019. The team members including two couples of local nationals who have the passion for evang*lism and are eager to be equipped to serve the Lord, especially in m*ssions ministries. One couple among the team is unable to afford all costs of this m*ssion trip. As the total expenses for each team member is around CAD 2,200, we need to raise funds of CAD 4,500 for this couple.

Since September we have been supporting two left-behind children (Jia and Wu-Ji) financially for their education. Jia is 15 years old and lives with her younger brother. Jia’s dad passed away in a fatal accident at work five years ago; and her mom is a deaf-mute person and deserted her children in 2015. Jia’s grandmother mourned the death of her son and the leaving of daughter-in-law, and she lost her vision because of deep grief and sadness. Another student is Wu-Ji who is 15 years old too. Her name is a translation from the language of minority ethnic group which she belongs to. Living with her younger brother and sister, she is a left-behind
child. Her father disappeared unexpectedly on a day in 2007 and her mother went to urban city to earn a living. Wu-Ji and her siblings are taken care by their old and sick grandparents.

Last but not least, the national authorities keep tightening restrictions on relig*ons and banning “illegal” relig*ous activities throughout the country. In October, relig*ous police officers were sent directly from the central government of capital city to our city. They are going to patrol all relig*ous locations until February next year. Because of the sensitive situation, the partnering chu*ch requested Nick not to preach sermons and asked us to keep a low-profile ministry in the coming few months.

Please continue to pr*y that G*d provides His servants to serve with us together in East Asia:

We appreciate very much for your pr*yers and partnership.

Your m*ssion*ries, Nick and Iris