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CMDA Meeting Convictions

Published on June 07, 2016
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Dear Family and Friends,

One of the blessings we enjoy as missionaries relates to a provision made by the Christian Medical Dental Association (CMDA). For the past 36 years CMDA has sponsored an international medical meeting for those working in the developing world. This forum was established for the dual purpose of obtaining Continuing Medical Education credits and to provide fellowship with other Christian physicians. While on odd years the venue is chosen to facilitate travel for missionaries working in Asia, on even years the site is made conducive to those working in Africa.

For nearly three decades the African conference had been held in Kenya, at a retreat center outside of Nairobi. However, four years ago a decision was made to move the meeting to Greece. Hoping to attend the conference this year, I made plans to travel to Greece in April for this biennial CMDA meeting.

It was horrifying when, in late March, we received news of the bombing in Brussels – affecting both the airport and the subway in that city. In addition to the many who were tragically affected by death and injury, myriads of others had their flights cancelled on account of the Brussels Airport closure. Because my flight to Athens was booked through Brussels, I too had to seek an alternative route.

On mentioning this to a fellow physician, the question came: ‘With all the dangers in the world today, is it even wise to be traveling at all?’ While pondering this caution and concern, what occurred to me was that those dear people so tragically killed or maimed in the attack in Brussels were victims of the wrath of man. What about the countless others in our world today who – oblivious or indifferent to God’s provision in His Son – are living under the wrath of God? One of the matters I was convicted about at the CMDA meeting is the urgency of sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your partnership in this ministry as we endeavor to share the wonderful truth that God’s wrath was satisfied when Jesus interposed His precious blood on our behalf.

With Gratitude, Julie