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Camp Falcon Rock Development Progress

Published on November 15, 2017

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Fall is upon us as we enjoy the beauty of the changing of the leaves but there is that chill in the air when some days we have to light a fire in the house. We are enjoying the nice fall weather but are reminded of the hot summer days and the churches we visited doing VBS.

This past Sunday our pastor shared a praise that a mom and daughter from this past summer’s VBS have been attending the Baptist Church in a village which has a very small congregation (6 people attend); Pastor Miki was very excited about this news and that their attending would bring excitement to the church. Luke 11:28, “He replied, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.’”

We had a busy September spending quality time with Nathan, Stacey, Cache, and Mabel—enjoyed showing them the sights and sounds of village life, they got to experience a buggy ride, watched the cows come home, walked to the corner store for ice cream, visited the Roman Ruins, plus a tour of Camp Falcon Rock. Nathan and Stacey went off on their own to tour Greece and Italy; Cache and Mable got to hang out with Papa and Grammie for 3 weeks. It was so good to connect with them for that time, then we spent a week in Denmark with them visiting family and of course checking out Legoland.

October brought Michael, Katrina, and Jack—they a had a short visit with us in the village. They also enjoyed their time and got to experience our life here. Jack of course won the smiles of all the ladies in the church. They were then off doing some touring of Austria and Italy.

Our team of Camp Falcon is increasing as Tamas has hired 3 people from Szentkiraly to help at the camp short term. This is a great help for these families as the one young father can now stay home with his family rather than go to Germany to work. The lady we hired will help with odd jobs and cleaning as Tunde will be taking time off as her and Tamas’ baby arrives in December. The guys have been busy finishing the retaining wall, the courtyard has been leveled and gravelled, and sidewalks poured around the lodge. Work has begun on the “Farmhouse,” a few men from a local church graciously offered to volunteer their time to put the new roof on the house. Doesn’t it look great!!! PTL for these willing hands. New windows have been put in, next the stuccoing will begin on the outside. They have poured the foundation for a storage shed on the backside of the house, the walls have been put up and the roof will be on soon.

Some of the land at Camp Falcon Rock has been rezoned which means that the permit process should speed up now. We need water, sewage, and two cabins built before we can have the operating license. Please continue to pray for the permit process—lots of paper work and many trips to government offices for Tamas.

We will be spending Christmas this year in Canada!!! We will be home from December 12 – January 7, we look forward to seeing family and friends. Our time there will fly by, and of course Vern is itching to go ice fishing if anyone wants to join him.

It is amazing that we now live in a country that moves a little slower than Central Alberta, but the time goes by just as fast. Wasn’t it just May!?! Ecclesiastes 3:1 says everything has its time. When we look back and see the teens, the children, and the leadership here this verse makes a lot of sense. You can see it in the response of the people that are eager to hear the good news as well as in the love that is shared with these children and adults.

Thanks everyone for allowing us to be witnesses of God’s Love for Romania.

We so appreciate the emails from home, as well as the love, support, & most importantly your prayers. Isten Aldjon!!!! God Bless You!!!!!

Till next time

Vern & Gloria