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Building at Camp Falcon Rock

Published on August 21, 2018

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Well hello everyone, it’s so good to take a breath and look back to see where we have come from and how God has got us to this spot. A few months back we were praying, asking God to show us how this season was going to work, if we were going to be doing camps or VBS and in what villages. So many questions and not too many answers, just prayers and fasting for God’s will. Guess what, HE showed us.

We have had a busy season of VBS, teams/families from North America, construction, and having our first ever youth camp at Camp Falcon Rock. Usually when we think about a season like this we tend to focus on where our interests are, God usually sees more. He sees not only the kids that show up to a VBS, He is at work in the leaders, translators and the youth that are there. He is at work in the families that heard a call to come to Romania to volunteer for a time. He surrounds a construction team as they leave family and friends to come to a foreign country to use the gifts He has blessed them with and in the middle of it HE chooses to reveal Himself to them. He pours HIMSELF out on a group of young people, some that have never experienced a week of camp before in a way that most of them said that their lives were changed. So, when we look back and wonder about what is important to us during this season and are witness to what God chose to do, we are humbled.

Gloria flew back to Alberta to welcome our fourth grandchild Amelia Joy on June 1; three weeks went by very quick but we both will be in Canada for three weeks in August to attend a wedding, and Vern will get to meet Amelia.

A team of five arrived on July 22 from South Dakota to do VBS with us in two neighbouring villages of Szentkiraly; we saw 150 children come out to learn about God’s love. The following week this team went off on their own to another village where 30 children came out to a first ever VBS in that village.

Thornhill Baptist Church from Calgary arrived on July 29. They were the first team to stay at Camp Falcon Rock. We did VBS in two villages close to the camp where we saw 100 children come out. This team also went off on their own to do VBS in a village about two hours from the camp. Great to see how God’s word is spreading to so many areas of Romania.

The first ever youth camp began on July 8 at Camp Falcon Rock. Nineteen youth came to experience camp life and dig into the theme of Live Life with God. When the youth were asked how they enjoyed the week, their comment was always “the best week of my life!!!!”  The final campfire was the highlight of the week as so many testimonies were heard. We thank God for a great week and we look forward to many more great weeks of camping at Camp Falcon Rock.

We are praising God that the water & sewage permit has come through; work will begin on that project in the fall. Thank you to everyone that has been praying for the permits.

Construction is in full swing on the cabins; the floor is ready to pour on Cabin 1 and the forms are going up for the foundation on Cabin 2.

Once again we thank each and every one of you that has prayed and supports us so that we can see His kingdom built in Romania. We are blessed to be part of this team and ministry.

Till next time,
Vern & Gloria
Isten aldjon – God Bless You!!