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A New Season

Published on November 14, 2019

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Dear Family and Friends,

Further to the situation mentioned in our previous letter, we made a very difficult decision that we have to move ministry base. In the past months, we have taken visionary trips to other provinces in order to discern our Father’s direction for ministries. Through pr*yers, we scheduled to relocate our ministry base to another province on the field country in early November.

Having served in the current province for almost seven years, we find it so hard to say goodbye to many good friends. Nevertheless, we learn to obey G*d; in particular, to trust His perfect plan and time. Looking back over the years of service, we are thankful for G*d’s blessings to let us experience His wonders and grace in many ways and times. Through co-working with the Almighty One, we are in awe that He saved many lost souls, transformed many lives, brought people to reconciliation from marital, familial and, various interpersonal conflicts, as well as bestowed genuine peace, hope, and strength to those who were in the midst of suffering. At the time of leaving this particular province, we pr*y that their relationships with G*d continue to grow.

From Broken Relationship to Reconciliation

Koo and Lucy got married seven years ago and have a four-year old son. Mainly due to financial reason, they have been dwelling at the apartment of Koo’s parents since getting married. Lucy and her mother-in-law have not been getting along well. Koo and Lucy were eager to have their own place for living. Frequently they have quarreled because of the relationship struggles with Koo’s mother and the matter relating to purchase of apartment. Koo has felt unbearable pressure from his wife and desired to earn quick money to buy an apartment. Both of them saved every penny for this common goal.

Sadly, Koo has tried to reduce his stress through gambling in the past few years. Gambling gradually became his addiction. When Lucy learned about it, she strongly urged Koo to get rid of that bad habit. A few months ago, they found a suitable apartment. Lucy did not realize that their savings was gone until they were required to make a down payment. Koo had lost a large amount of money in gambling! They had a hard quarrel and got divorced shortly afterwards.

One day Koo and Lucy sought help and marital counseling from us. We are grateful that our Father gave us the opportunity to share our faith to them. Lucy was willing to forgive Koo and Koo promised to quit gambling completely. We are thankful that they re-registered their marriage on the next day, and started to go to ch*rch afterwards. We pr*y that our Father draws them close to Himself with His everlasting love and touches their hearts to accept His salvation. Pr*y that their lives and marriage would be renewed and enriched in Chr*st.

Thank you very much for lifting us up through your pr*yers and walking with us in the m*ss*on journey. Have a blessed Thanksgiving season!

Serving for His Kingdom together,

Nick & Iris


  • National believers are able to discern and walk in the Truth without compromising with beliefs distorted by political ideologies from atheist government
  • Smooth relocation and G*d’s direction to ministries in the new province
  • Successful application of residence permits


  • Fruitful retreat with three families early October; each of us were filled joyfully with G*d words
  • A national couple, whom we have been training and mentoring, decided to commit to full-time ministries and decided to receive theological education next year

Bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Chr*st forgave you, so you also must do.

Colossians 3:13 (NKJV)