Voices from the Field


Programs at the Camp

by: Paul & Tanya Gericke

It was neat to see kids running around the camp property playing games, making crafts, having campfires and most importantly learning about Jesus.

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Fellowshipping in Japan

by: Paul and Melissa Ewing

Paul has had the privilege to attend various conferences in the Tokyo area, learning and fellowshipping with various missionaries.

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Our Students at the Seminary

by: Lyndell Campbell-Requia

In October, two of our students had to drop out of our Pastoral Formation course due to health issues.

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Pastors’ Wives Retreat in Japan

by: Yuri Nakano

The Women’s Workers and Pastors’ Wives Retreat was a good time for me to get to know some of the pastors’ wives of the conference better.

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Meeting the Jones Family

by: Brandon & Marci Jones

We are so thankful that since our last newsletter God has brought us more supporters, some of whom have only met our family for a few minutes.

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Life-Saving Hospital Equipment

by: Dennis & Nancy Palmer

A new CT scanner was installed at the hospital. In the few weeks it has been functioning, life-saving diagnoses have been made for several patients.

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Beginning Work with LAP

by: Craig & Maureen Moody

In our new work with the Life Abundant Primary (LAP) Health Care we live on an approximately 5 acre parcel of land.

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Seminary Students in Brazil

by: Lyndell Campbell-Requia

After winter break in July, we are now starting another semester at the Seminary with 4 new students.

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Great News for Dr. Mbanga

by: Rick & Debbie Bardin

Many of you have been praying for Dr. Mbanga to get into a pathology residency so he can join Rick as a fully trained pathologist!

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