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Gateway Director

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Randy has more than a decade of experience equipping churches for international partnerships. He is ready to help your church participate in God’s global work.


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Randy’s Latest Updates

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Missional Living on a “Global” Scale

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Q&A with Randy

What life experiences did you have that helped you prepare to go overseas?

I think our time in local church youth ministry prepared us as we saw God moving in these times as we challenged our students to become more globally minded and provided them with experiences to investigate this.

What surprised you the most once you began your work?

I was surprised that churches didn’t really seem to think that they needed any help doing their Short Term Mission efforts; that they had it all figured out already. I would have liked to have known or had a realistic view of how much authority our role actually had in the view of the churches and to the other missionaries as well.

What initial fears/concerns did you have about serving as a missionary overseas?

It was challenging when our son, Kameron was young to “release” him to go with people I didn’t know super well yet for playtimes, etc. in unfamiliar cities and places – but as I did it was awesome to see how this deepened our relationships with the people because I trusted them with my child.

What has been the most rewarding part of your work?

Our relationships with the different leaders around the world that we’ve been privileged to serve. We’ve also enjoyed a number of relationships with key missionaries and church leaders from North America as well.

What is something that would surprise others about mission work or the people you are called to serve?

I think that many view cross-cultural service as something so ‘out there’ and beyond the scope of their thinking when in reality, its all around us. Serving overseas is a natural outgrowth of being who we ought to be as missional disciples of Jesus everyday. That same obedient response to serving overseas is manifest in countless opportunities to affect people lives no matter where you live in this day and age.

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