RomaniaArea: 238,391 sq km
Population: 21,190,154
Capital: Bucharest
Urbanites: 54.6%
Official language: Romanian and Hungarian
Largest Religion: Orthodox
People Groups: 29
Unreached: 21%


 NAB in Romania

NAB pastors and churches have decades of relationship with leaders in Romania, but it was in 2014 that NAB formalized a ministry agreement to aid the Hungarian Baptist Convention of Romania in the development of Camp Falcon Rock.  We are working together for the construction of a ministry center that be instrumental in developing the next generation of Christian leaders for this country.

NAB Missionaries in Romania

Paul and Tanya Gericke
Jason and Erin Bergman
Ian and Karen Smith

National Missionaries in Romania

Tamas and Tunde Modi

You can also get updates on the work of the camp at Roots in Romania

NAB Family: Paul and Tanya Gericke from North American Baptists, Inc. on Vimeo.