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Faith Fall — Post | Japan

On the way to speak at a southern Alberta conference at Temple Baptist in Medicine Hat, we were turning out of the road and just then, “Bang!” A taxi came in front of us, and a missing yield sign was incapable of preventing us from this unforeseen collision. Oh no! Really?! Why did this have to happen when our finances were already stretched and we were just ready to share about God’s call to Japan with the congregation in Medicine Hat?

Fall Connections — Post | Cross-Cultural Ministry | Gateway | International Office Updates

A year ago last fall, a handsome and cultured man walked into our ESL Conversation Corner looking for help with his English. But beyond that, he was looking for a Christian mentor, someone who could come alongside him and help him with understanding…

Taking Advantage of Opportunity — Post | Hungary

So, what do we do with our time? We have been stuck at home in Phoenix now almost five months because of this pandemic. Much of that time we have been on home lockdown due to the spikes of COVID-19.

Summer Connections — Post | Cross-Cultural Ministry | Gateway | International Office Updates

We are all called to be faithful, and the Lord’s work continues for all of us, yet it is different. There are bumps in the road, the journey is a slower pace than before, but we carry on!

Spring Connections — Post | Cross-Cultural Ministry | Gateway | International Office Updates

The catalclysmic changes that have happened this year and the effect it has had upon anyone in ministry is mind boggling.

Winter Connections — Post | Cross-Cultural Ministry

When I began fulltime ministry 42 years ago, if anyone would have told me that I would still be alive, using an iphone, and living in Utah, I’d have said “Go fly a kite!”

The Just-A-Seck Times — Post | Hungary

The purpose is to introduce this dedicated and delightful couple to as many NAB churches as possible.

Fall Connections — Post | Cross-Cultural Ministry

Students have returned and ministry programs have restarted. We had several great opportunities to connect with new students at our picnics and one on one times…

Amputee Soccer – A Means of Hope — Post | Cameroon

As I was waiting for my chance to get on the field, I ended up standing by a young man who had a leg amputated. The two of us started conversing.

It Is Good To Be Back — Post | Cameroon

In the first part of the month of June we said goodbye to friends and family. Our Canadian home church, Mission Baptist of Hamilton, Ontario…